Hlorogen Pumps for Brine and Water

dozirne_pumpe_za_HLOROGENDosing pumps for the softened water P2, and the saturated brine P1, feed the electrolyzer with the softened water and the brine. When mixed, they are creating 3% diluted brine solution, which is used in the electrolytic process. P1 pump feeds the electrolyzer with one part of the saturated brine. P2 pump feeds the electrolyser with nine parts of the softened water. Summary flow through the electrolyser is ten parts of electrolyte. Dosing pumps P1 and P2 are positioned on the hydraulic board.

Each pump in the system has a flow sensor, which gives real-time information about flow. If real flow (measured by the flow sensor) is not same as expected on the pump, the system automatically stops.