Quality System

Mission – to remain on leading position in our business with permanent development of technology, personnel and business.

Vision – Expansion of our technology to the European market.


In today’s turbulent business environment every company needs to work on constantly improving quality.
Quality is the most important in the business, to keep existing customers and provide a new one.
That is why Sigma implemented series of ISO 9001 standards, and is currently working on implementation of  ISO 14001 standards.

Why Sigma decided to introduce standards?

  • Because the standards allow for effective system management
  • helping the company to determine the requirements of clients
  • helping the company to meet the demands of our clients
  • to reduce costs and increase productivity
  • standards are evidence that companies really work on improving the quality of their products and services
  • as well as that never sleeps and continuously monitors the current trends in the world introduced the

Sigma implemented Quality System SRPS ISO 9001:2001 – on 12/10/2008.
And a modified version of SRPS ISO 9001:2008 – on 03/30/2010.
We are currently working on the implementation of ISO 14 001 standard.

Quality policy

Quality Policy, conformed with overall business policy and other policies, is the basis for the establishment and development of quality management system. It provides guidelines for all employees, and organization’s management has a duty to convey them, and to provide the conditions for its implementation and improvement.

  • Our priorities are :
    satisfied users of our services and products
    environment protection
    respecting the legal framework
  • How to :
    by implementation of europian standards
    by constant improvements
    with good relations in organisation
    with partnership relations with suppliers and customers
    by participating in organization of cultural and humanitarian events
  • Why ? Because it is a guarantee of quality and proven quality is success.
  • Therefore is our vision possible, and our mission is to turn vision into reality.